Sarah Margaret Goldie (1849-1936)

Painter born in Cocanada (now known as Kakinada) in the Andhra Pradesh area of India. She was the daughter of an Anglo-India Civil Servant and received her early education in India but is recorded as living in Bath by the 1861 census. Her mother was a 'Fundholder' (her father was not listed) that was someone living off investments and had many servants, there being 12 people including various servants living in a Georgian house in a prominent position in Bath. By the next census in 1871 Sarah was still living there joined by her father who is described as 'Retired Civil Servant'. There is as yet no indication that Sarah Margaret Goldie exhibited her work or where she received her art education. When her father died in 1894 he left the 2015 equivalent of nearly £6 million.

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